Life and its most trivial particulars

Brian Griffiths and Frank Kent

Brian Griffiths and Frank Kent are back this September, exhibiting at London’s Van Gogh House as part of a new annual commissioning and exhibition programme. In creating this new body of work, the duo were primarily inspired by Vincent Van Gogh’s early paintings, in particular his 1883 work Potato Fields. 

'Life and its most trivial particulars' is a photographic installation, spanning the exhibition space in an amalgamation of different historical contexts. The show highlights Brian Griffiths knack for collages as past, present and future are all moulded together.


The duo use different materials to map culture from the 19th century through to the present. Working to portray how Van Gough is perceived in modern imagainations, whilst also remaining sensitive to the historic qualities of the painters artistic genius. 


While Griffiths collages history together, Frank Kent works on a psychological level, exploring the vivid connection between touch and perception and how his sculptor’s hand can reach beyond the limits of his work and touch the eyes and minds of the audience . Kent’s psychology and Griffiths sculptural collaging allow the exhibition to present  Van Gough as imagined in the minds of these two sculptors, attributing the artist  with a new perception, and bringing him forth into the modern world. 

AIR SIGNS is an ongoing series of photographic sculptural installations first exhibited in London at Karsten Schubert’s Room 2 gallery in early 2020, going on to become a feature in the 2020 RA Summer Exhibition.


The exhibition will open on September 4 and runs until December 18, and is open from Wednesday to Sunday 12–6pm each week. 


Ticket prices:

£5 full price

£3 Concession (16-25, Student, OAP, Universal Credit, Disability badge)

£2.50 Art Fund

FREE Museums Association, ICOM, Under 16


More information can be found on their website:


July 28, 2021