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Karsten Schubert

46 Lexington Street

London W1F 0LP, UK


Room 2

44 Lexington Street 

London W1F 0LW, UK  

Exhibitions open by appointment





Karsten Schubert – Founder 

Tom Rowland – Managing Director – mob: +44 (0)785224 0967

Kostas Synodis – Director of Operations – mob: +44 (0)783852 3461

Caroline Manganaro – Exhibitions Director – mob + 44(0)793202 6737

Sophie Kullmann – Ridinghouse Publisher – mob +44(0)7866 859 552



Karsten Schubert does not have any intern placements available at present.



Karsten Schubert does not review unsolicited artists' submissions.

All images © the artists. 

Courtesy Karsten Schubert, London.


Company history

Karsten Schubert (1961-2019) began his gallery in 1986 with a solo exhibition of British artist Alison Wilding at 85 Charlotte Street, London. Since then, Karsten Schubert London has presented a continuous gallery programme at Foley Street, Fitzrovia, and Lower John Street, Soho. 


Throughout its 30-year history, the gallery has championed international contemporary artists, with a special focus on artists from the UK. Notable exhibited artists include: Carl Andre, Glenn Brown, Mat Collishaw, Keith Coventry, Michael Craig-Martin, Dexter Dalwood, Dan Flavin, Anya Gallaccio, Gary Hume, Tess Jaray, Michael Landy, Bob Law, Gerhard Richter, Bridget Riley, Ed Ruscha, John Stezaker, Rachel Whiteread, Alison Wilding and Fred Wilson.


Alongside the gallery, Karsten Schubert (with Charles Asprey and Thomas Dane) established the publishing company Ridinghouse in 1995. This London-based press is dedicated to publishing the best of art writing and criticism, revisiting art history and exploring individual artists and specific projects through its expanding lists. 


Karsten Schubert London continues to nurture its represented artists – Rose English, Tess Jaray, Ann-Marie James, Frances Richardson and Alison Wilding – at its current space on Lexington Street, Soho, through co-organising exhibitions with galleries at home and abroad. The company also oversees an off-site events programme and participates at numerous national and international art and book fairs.


Karsten Schubert, the company's founder, was born in Berlin, Germany in 1961 and died in London in 2019. He was an Advisory Board member of Drawing Room, London, and a Faculty of the Fine Arts member of The British School at Rome. His books include Bridget Riley: Complete Prints 1962–2012 (ed., 2012) and The Curator's Egg: The Evolution of the Museum Concept from the French Revolution to the Present (2000). 
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