Anya Gallaccio

Texts by Jan van Adrichem, Norman Bryson, Briony Fer, Lucía Sanromán and a conversation between the artist and Clarrie Wallis

Publisher: Ridinghouse 2013.

ISBN: 978 1 905464 60 9

Dimensions: 29.4 × 24.5 cm | 11 5/8 x 9 5/8 in

Pages: 256 pp, over 200 colour ill
£28 | $49.95

British installation artist Anya Gallaccio works largely with natural materials – typically flowers, trees, sugar and salt – to create often site-specific installations which focus on the decomposition and transformation of the work itself.


This monograph comprehensively catalogues the artist’s work over her 20-year career span. Alongside a full-colour plate section, the publication features a conversation between the artist and Clarrie Wallis, as well as new texts by Lucia Sanroman, who investigates the role of the landscape in Gallaccio’s work; Norman Bryson who analyses the notion of ‘psychic fantasy’ in the installation blessed (1999); Briony Fer who discusses the artist’s use of natural light and earth; and Jan van Adrichem who looks at Gallaccio’s move into bronze casts.