Ernst Wilhelm Nay

Texts by John-Paul Stonard, Pamela Kort and Sir Norman Rosenthal

Publisher: Ridinghouse 2012.

ISBN: 978 1 905464 54 8

Dimensions: 28.6 × 24.5 cm | 11 1/4 x 9 5/8 in

Pages: 224 pp, 140 colour ill
£19.95 | $35

For Ernst Wilhelm Nay (1902–68), painting was an entrance to a world beyond the visible, a world more real and more vital that lay beneath the surface of appearances.


Beginning his career as the chaotic years of the Weimar Republic became the dark years of the Third Reich, it was natural that he should look to art for an alternative reality. One of Germany’s most important abstract painters, this fully illustrated publication offers a fresh approach to the Nay’s work.


This comprehensive monograph is accompanied by an overview of his life and work by John-Paul Stonard and in-depth history of Nay’s reception in Britain and the United States by Dr Pamela Kort, and a foreword by Sir Norman Rosenthal.