Michael Landy

Everything Must Go!
Texts by Richard Flood, Richard Shone, Rochelle Steiner and an interview with the artist by James Lingwood

Publisher: Ridinghouse 2008.

ISBN: 978 1 905464 18 0

Dimensions: 28 × 22 cm | 11 1/8 x 8 5/8 in

Pages: 432 pp, over 800 colour ill
£35 | $75

Richly illustrated in full colour, this book surveys his earliest work, including lesser-known sculptures – such as Sovereign shown at Freeze in 1988 – to large-scale installations MarketClosing Down Sale and Scrapheap Services.


Other works discussed in detail include the infamous Break Down, where Landy destroyed all 7,227 of his possessions in a department store on Oxford Street, London; Semi-detached, where Landy constructed a full-scale model of his family home at Tate Britain, London; and the project H2NY where Landy made 168 drawings based on a Jean Tinguely sculpture.


With over 800 colour illustrations and four newly commissioned texts, this volume provides a comprehensive insight into Landy's work