Sarah Kogan


Dimensions: 25 x 17 cm

Pages: 23pp
Curator Colin Wiggins explores Sarah Kogan's recent paintings for her first solo show with Karsten Schubert London. 


There is a fine balance between abstraction and figuration within these six new works that – to a greater or lesser degree, of course – is shared by all paintings from all times and cultures. More significantly, there is the balance between the actual artwork itself and its maker. The connection to ancient mythologies that use the metaphor of weaving and the cutting of threads to symbolise the passing of time might be evoked by the title of the exhibition, but these paintings also confidently preserve a record of the artist’s movements, and in a sense, as the liquid paint sets hard, they have trapped a brief period of her earthly existence. This is me, I am here, the paintings seem to say. For now.