Cathie Pilkington, Pierre Molinier and Morton Bartlett

The Covering

Dimensions: 25 x 17 cm

Pages: 23pp

Art historian Neil Walton discusses The Covering: the staged erotic photographs of Pierre Molinier and a doll by Morton Bartlett within an immersive installation by Cathie Pilkington. 



In this exhibition, [Morton Bartlett's] Standing Girl is clothed and born again under the new title The Covering Cherub. She has become a kind of pagan angel dressed in a futurist baptismal gown, a garment made specially for the show. The raised right hand in which Bartlett sometimes placed a basket of flowers or a clutch bag now bears a mysterious fabric sphincter-disc, like a sacred instrument in some intergalactic ceremony. Perhaps she is performing a ritual of reintegration and repair, atonement for the misogynistic lapses of Surrealism.