Ann-Marie James


Dimensions: 25 x 17 cm

Pages: 23pp

Artist Ann-Marie James and writer and curator Stephen Feeke discuss James's new series of paintings and wokrs on paper inspired by ancient works of art and antiquities. 



SF: There is a great sense of control that runs through
your work. There are drawings and silkscreen and digital intervention, and then painting... the level of commitment seems extraordinary.
AMJ: I suppose I’m often trying to get away from my very controlled and careful nature. I’m constantly trying to offset that with something very gestural that acknowledges or represents another side of myself, which is more impulsive or emotional. And then something controlled will come back in, such as printmaking or digital technology. And then I’ll find another way to throw it off, to throw in gesture and chance. So, yes, there’s this thread of control and trying to let go of that control all the way through.