Neil Gall

Lexi Lee Sullivan, Alexander Ross, George Newall, David Nolan and Aurel Scheibler, 2020

Publisher: Ridinghouse.

ISBN: 978-1-909932-59-3

Dimensions: 305 x 244 mm

Pages: 144pp

Neil Gall: Drawing brings together over 60 works on paper, created from 2005 to the present. 


Balancing the profound with the absurd in works that buzz with art historical reference, British artist Neil Gall has consistently explored matters of perception and mimesis through the visual language of household detritus. He translates the visceral and psychological interactions between materials and their surfaces – corrugated cardboard and pressed tinfoil, ping-pong balls enshrouded in black tape – to an unsettling, surreal and sometimes erotic effect.


Essays by art historian Lexi Lee Sullivan and American artist Alexander Ross are augmented by thoughtful insights from gallerist George Newall and an introduction from Gall's dealers David Nolan and Aurel Scheibler.


Breathtakingly powerful, Gall’s drawings radiate with an intensity that demands our attention.