Bridget Riley

Studies 1984–95
Text by Natalia Naish and Alexandra Tommasini, Bridget Riley in conversation with Robert Kudielka

Publisher: Ridinghouse 2015.

ISBN: 978 1 909932 04 3

Dimensions: 23 × 19.5 cm | 9 1/8 × 7 5/8 in

Pages: 72 pp, 34 colour ill

During the mid-1980s, Riley introduced a new pictorial device – the rhomboid – to the then predominantly vertical stripes, developing her exploration of interplaying tones of green, yellow and orange.


Riley constructs new visual relationships between divergent colours and forms within these works, creating what the artist terms a ‘harmony of contrasts’ that animates the entire visual field.


Illustrated in full colour, the works are accompanied by a historic interview with the artist by Robert Kudielka and a text by Natalia Naish and Alexandra Tommasini, which situate these studies with major paintings during this period.