Robert Kudielka on Bridget Riley

Essays and interviews since 1972
Introduction by Bridget Riley

Publisher: Ridinghouse 2014.

ISBN: 978 1 905464 96 8

Dimensions: 23 × 17 cm | 8 1/4 x 6 in

Pages: 280 pp, 87 colour ill

For over 40 years, Robert Kudielka has documented Bridget Riley's career progress and artistic development in an academic and personal manner, reflecting his relationship with the artist. Moving from an analysis of Riley’s iconic 1960s black and white paintings to her more recent wall drawings, Kudielka explores the unpredictable changes of direction throughout Riley’s career.


Accompanied by over 80 full-colour illustrations, biographical notes and bibliography, the texts in this volume provide a unique insight into Riley’s working methods and styles.