Alison Wilding: New Art Commission

Rathbone Square, London

Alison Wilding’s bronze drinking fountain "Herm" is a public offering to users of the square. The fountain provides water at different levels to children, adults and people using wheelchairs.


A historic spring is located at Rathbone Square which was used by 18th century chemist Henry Cavendish to campaign for access to clean water in the capital. 250 years later, Wilding’s drinking fountain is one of a growing number of fountains that have been installed in London to reduce the environmental impact of plastic bottles.


The title "Herm" refers to Ancient Greek and Roman boundary markers used to protect public spaces; it is also a gender-neutral name, short for Hermione or Herman. Positioned adjacent to seating areas, opposite the lawn, Wilding’s fountain welcomes visitors to this previously in-accessible part of London. 

September 7, 2018