Frances Richardson in 'Twenty-Nineteen'

Group Exhibition, Campbell Works, London

Frances Richardson is exhibiting in Twenty-Nineteen, a group show at Campbell Works, London curated by Neil Zakiewicz. Alongside Richardson, artists include Sasha Holzer, Amikam Toren, Dominic Beattie, Neil Taylor, Winnie Hall and Emma Bennett. 


Imagine a world that has not experienced the ravages of Covid, remember that moment just before we all grappled with new realities, Twenty-nineteen takes a look back to the year just before we all took stock of life, to the moment of collective innocence of a future not yet begun. Campbell Works presents a time-travel group show where all the works are from a single year – 2019, an awkward interval in that the works are neither freshly made nor old enough to have the privilege of historical context.

Excerpt from Campbell Works website



Frances Richardson

Group Exhibition: Twenty–nineteen

21 April–7 May 2023


Cambell Works

27 Belfast Road
London, N16 6UN


Opening Preview: Thursday 20 April 2023.  6:00pm–9:00pm

Gallery opening hours: Frid – Sun  12.00pm–6.00pm

April 11, 2023