Magic by Moonlight: Kirsten Glass’s Night-Scented Stock at Karsten Schubert London

By Hannah Hutchings-Georgiou for Lucy Writers Platform

Hannah Hutchings-Georgiou writes for Lucy Writers Platform about her enchanting experience visiting Night-Scented Stock, Kirsten Glass's solo exhibition at Karsten Schubert London and Offer Waterman. 



...Glass’ paintings return us to a preternatural order and a primordial source; to ancient fields and nascent rivers; to gestating forms buried and brewing beneath the surface of the earth and to future cosmologies flying on the wings of the ether. Uncovering what is hidden, what is shrouded by dark and obscured by night, Glass sets about recovering ignored bodies, rediscovering alternate realms and rhythms, and reliving the violent vibrance and vigour inherent in all. Sensing, seeing that the dark is thick with restless and pulsating life – perhaps far richer than that which persists and pulsates in the day – Glass gives reign to these alternate figures; she lets the canvas show that the void is not empty but ripe and full and overflowing with unhatched forms. Not one to shy away from that which lies beneath one’s feet or behind one’s mirror, Glass flashes us a rare and bedazzling view of latency itself, of alterity in all its indistinct distinction.


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December 19, 2022