Onya McCausland Paintings Acquired by MIMA

Karsten Schubert London is delighted that MIMA has acquired two paintings by Onya McCausland, following her recent solo exhibition 51º43 33.56 N 3º07 58.63 W at our gallery and MIMA’s recent group exhibition, Chemical City
Both paintings are part of McCausland’s ongoing project working with the Coal Authority  to collect and recycle the natural ochres present in the waste water that flushes through defunct mines in the UK, a material that would otherwise be sent to landfill. The ripple effects of this research have been far-reaching, positively impacting local communities, who are now involved in the manufacturing of the waste minerals into oil colours and an emulsion paint that is the very first of its kind. Her monochrome paintings are compelling studies of colour that fit within McCausland’s cycle of research, studio practice and social change. 
MIMA (Middlesborough Institute of Modern Art) is a contemporary art gallery whose collection comprises outstanding fine and applied art from the 19th century to the present. 
July 14, 2022