Onya McCausland: 'Chemical City' at MIMA

Chemical City
26 November 2021–24 April 2022
MIMA – Middlesborough Institute of Modern Art


Chemical City is a large thematic exhibition on the legacies of chemicals production in the Tees Valley. Starting with a focus on plastics manufacturing in the area, the exhibition travels through broader social, economic, material and ecological themes. It charts relationships between early experiments with synthetic fibres and dyes and contemporary innovations in more sustainable fashion through historical materials and contemporary design products. Artists’ painting, sculpture and film trace the impacts of twentieth century manufacturing on people and places.


Artworks by Annie O’Donnell, Onya McCausland and Katarina Zdjelar trace associations and connections with globalised manufacture. Through painting, sculpture and film, each explores a new imaginative realm, whether relating to memory, the impact of conflict on manufacture and artistic activity, or the re-purposing of industrial waste.


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November 26, 2021