Tess Jaray’s Incomparable Abstraction Goes Back to Italy

By Stephanie Bailey for Ocula

Discover the work and influence of Tess Jaray through Stephanie Bailey's articule discussing Jaray's works at Artissima Art Fair 2021.  


This Artissima, Jaray exhibtis work from her landmark 1988 solo exhibition at the Serpentine Gallery: Tess Jaray: Paintings and Drawings from the Eighties. 


The article explores Jaray's 'path to developing an approach to hard-edge, geometric abstraction that remains consistently fresh and uniquely her own'; an approach sculpted through her adimiration for early Renaissance architecture in Rome, Florence, Siene and Venice. The body of work revelas the development of 'a pictorial language capable of articulating a comparable spatial experience to what she felt in Italy'. 


Read the Ocula article here.

November 3, 2021