Alison Wilding: Women + Health Fundraising Exhibition

Curated by art historian Frances Borzello

Drawings by Alison Wilding are available in the Women + Health Fundraising Exhibition. This online exhibition of work by women artists created during lockdown is curated by art historian Frances Borzello. Women + Health is a Camden based health charity that helps isolated and vulnerable women, including those who are survivors of domestic violence and rape, to overcome their multiple health challenges.


Wilding submitted three of her Cut Series drawings for this charity fundraiser, of which she says: 

I made a series of paper cutout drawings during what was, for me, the euphoric beginning of lockdown where the combination of glorious weather, silence, birdsong and a new studio at home contributed to a suspended sense of time of which these drawings, simultaneously exhilarating, mindless and exploratory were a part.


Click here to view Wilding's work and more.


November 12, 2020