Bob Law: A Retrospective

20 November 2009–16 January 2010
Karsten Schubert, 5–8 Lower John Street

Karsten Schubert, Richard Saltoun and Thomas Dane are pleased to host the first exhibition of Bob Law since the artist’s death in 2004. Law was arguably the foremost British minimalist artist of the 1970s, yet somehow he has become almost forgotten – written out of the narratives of postwar art. It is the goal of this exhibition to encounter the art in depth and, hopefully, begin a long-overdue reappraisal of a remarkable life’s work.


The two-part exhibition in two parts brings together a diverse range of works, offering a retrospective view of Bob Law. At Thomas Dane Gallery examples of the white Castle paintings from the mid-1970s meet the colourful Castle Paintings of the 1990s. Early landscape drawings and late sculptures never before seen are joined by one of the Law’s most famous works Nothing to be Afraid of V (1969). Karsten Schubert / Richard Saltoun present a series of Black Watercolours from the late 1980s in conjunction with a large Black Drawing (1971), a renowned Black painting (1980) and paintings from the Kisses and Crosses (2003) series. These works are joined by quintessential examples of Law’s sculptural work: a large obselisk and several small iron works.