For Charles Harrison: When Attitudes Became Form

13 January–18 February 2011
Karsten Schubert, 5–8 Lower John Street

Karsten Schubert and Richard Saltoun are pleased to announce this survey exhibition of Conceptual art to commemorate the publication of Charles Harrison Looking Back (Ridinghouse, 2011). Adapting the premise of Harrison’s seminal exhibition When Attitudes Become Form (ICA, London, 1969) this dynamic show unites avant-garde British artists with groundbreaking artists from 1960s Europe and America.


Charles Harrison (1942-2009) was a leading art historian, curator and professor, whose celebrated career was underpinned by his close work with artists such as Barry Flanagan, Keith Arnatt and later as part of Art and Language. Charles Harrison Looking Back is a collection of the auto-biographical interviews conducted by researchers, students and journalists in the past ten years. Focusing particularly on his experience of significant art historical events and institutions in the 1960s and 1970s, these interviews provide an inside look at the magazine Studio International, the relationship between the New York and London art worlds, and the curation of the exhibition When Attitudes Become Form


Featuring the works of groundbreaking Conceptual artists from the 1960s, When Attitudes Became Form also features the installation Pyramid (Soul City) by the pioneering South African sculptor Roelof Louw. A pyramid consisting of approximately 6,000 oranges from which visitors are invited to help themselves, the work’s constant rebuilding and deconstruction addresses the new understanding of how sculpture was to be redefined.


Artist list: Carl Andre, Keith Arnatt, Art & Language, Barry Flanagan, Roelof Louw, Bruce McLean, John Latham