Charlotte Verity is an artist who has honed a lucid and highly specific visual process to attain truth in her work. Fastidious observation is at the heart of her practice. In contrast to the fleeting nature of her subjects, the paintings develop slowly and have a suggestion of deep space and the wider world. 


Whilst she has undertaken residencies and projects elsewhere, most notably a year-long residency at the Garden Museum, her garden in south east London has been and remains the focus of her work. For decades, she has immersed herself in it either by painting and drawing out of doors or by bringing elements of it into her studio to observe. With this practical restraint she has cultivated a deep knowledge and intimate respect for the forms that she depicts, and in this way, the paintings track the seasons and the passing of time. They become meditations on broader themes.


Since graduating from the Slade she has exhibited regularly in London since 1980, and in solo and group shows nationally and internationally throughout.