John Stezaker

Text by Cecilia Järdemar

Publisher: Ridinghouse 2007 in association with The Approach, London

ISBN: 978 1 905464 08 1

Dimensions: 27.3 x 21 cm | 10 3/4 x 8 1/4 in

Pages: 56 pp, 19 colour ill

Using a mixture of screen personae drawn from Hollywood's 'golden era', Stezaker’s collaged portraits take on an imaginary life of their own. These hybrid characters form an ‘unholy marriage’ of found material, to play with scale, figure and the viewers’ expectations of photographic representation.


Accompanying full-colour reproductions, a new essay by Cecilia Järdemar discusses the series' ties to Surrealism, the portraits' power of attraction and the artist's interest in obsolescence.