Margarita Gluzberg

Proper Time

Dimensions: 25 x 17 cm

Pages: 23pp

Philosopher and writer Federico Campagna writes 'Gluzberg’s Cosmogonies':


In the beginning, reality was deserted of humans and gods. Time and space did not exist over the infinite waters of Nun, the ocean of darkness. The universe was hidden, invisible, without meaning or direction. Only one thing lived inside Nun. It was a being beyond description: a divinity greater than any god, whose substance was just a particle of pure existence, smaller than a speck of dust. It carried in its name a hint of its contradictory nature: Atum, ‘that which is nothing and everything’. Since the beginning, Atum had rested submerged in the dark ocean of Nun, leading the life of a shadow. Until one day, the first day of time, a desire began to arise inside it. It was the simplest desire, the origin of all others: the desire to be something rather than nothing. As its desire continued to grow, Atum reacted like one who needs to cough, or sneeze, or spit: it spurted out its own name, ‘Atum!’ and its voice shone through the darkness of Nun like a blade of light. Lifted by the power of its own name, Atum emerged from the ocean in the shape of a cosmic egg, the seed of everything that will ever exist. This is how Atum became Re, the sun and the creator of the universe, setting in motion the chain of generations that would lead to the birth of the heavens, of earth, and of all the creatures that populate them both.