Tess Jaray

From Outside

The exhibition From Outside: Tess Jaray displays for the first time six monumental paintings Tess Jaray executed inspired by the iconic Art Deco architecture of The Barber Institute of Fine Arts in Birmingham. One of Britain's foremost painters, Jaray has explored painterly perspective, geometry and colour for more than five decades. In these large-scale works, the artist uses the famous Robert Atkinson building of the Barber as her starting point, activating the viewer's eye in her exploration of the perception of space and form.


From Outside: Tess Jaray
The Barber Institute of Fine Arts
University of Birmingham 
Birmingham B15 2TS (map)

27th February - 12th May 
Private view: 26th February, 6pm-8pm. Director's Welcome at 6.45pm

February 11, 2019