Alison Wilding

On The Edge

A dozen years after Alison Wilding's Melancholia (2003) was first installed at Jesus College Cambridge under the branches of an enormous oriental plane tree, a large branch detached itself from the tree and came crashing to earth. Alison took some of the wood to serve as the basis of two other sculptures, Tooth and Claw (2014) and Starcrossed (2016). Tooth and Claw is now on loan to Jesus College and can be seen on the windowsill in the northeast corner of the Upper Hall and Starcrossed is to be included, with twelve other works by the artist, in the exhibition On the Edge, which opens this week in the West Court Gallery.


Alison Wilding On the Edge

West Court Gallery

Jesus College

Cambridge CB5 8BL [map]


6th October - 11th December, 2018 

10am-6pm Daily

October 31, 2018