Extra Terrestrial: Tess Jaray and Alison Wilding

26 January–19 March 2016
East GalleryNUA (in collaboration with Karsten Schubert), Norwich, UK

Tess Jaray and Alison Wilding remain two of the most distinctive, talented and compelling figures in contemporary British art, inspiring more than one generation of artists and entrancing audiences for decades with their respective playful geometries and material eloquence.


As can be seen from this show at the East GalleryNUA, individually, their works are evocative and often provocative, but in contrast they complement, parry and riposte in ways that aren’t entirely predictable. If one should wish to mark out the common ground it probably is not to be found in the formal precepts and conventions of painting or sculpture, but in a shared sense of mischief in against the same; and to paraphrase the Greek proverb, they are both accustomed to ‘…kicking against the pricks’, if you will.